Europe’s leading rail cluster

Centred around Derby, the East Midlands is the rail capital of the UK and Europe’s densest rail cluster with an international reputation for excellence; the natural choice for GBR’s HQ.

Other potential locations may also have a long rail history, no other is still home to a diverse and highly innovative, competitive and forward-looking rail supply chain and talent pool – the ideal environment for GBR to drive its vision for a better railway.

The cluster has an estimated 600 companies linked to the rail sector and there are around 45,000 rail-related jobs across the East Midlands.

Aerial map showing the locations of rail companies in Derby
The opportunity to locate GBR at the very heart of Europe's leading rail cluster

Activities include:

  • Operators and regulators 
    East Midlands Railway, DB Cargo, Nottingham Trams, Network Rail and Rail Accident Investigation Branch 
  • Research and innovation 
    University of Derby (Rail Research & Innovation Centre), University of Nottingham (Resilience Engineering/Human Factors), Loughborough University (Control Systems), Network Rail’s Tuxford and Melton Mowbray Rail Innovation & Development Centres and Porterbrook’s Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre  
  • Digital and data 
    Resonate, Siemens, Hitachi, TrainFX 
  • Manufacturing, maintenance and testing
    Balfour Beatty, Alstom, Sperry Rail, Railcare, Loram, AB Hoses 
  • Technical services 
    Serco, SNC Lavalin, DB ESG, ECSL, Ricardo, TXM Consulting 
  • Finance 
    Porterbrook, Angel Trains 

...the East Midlands is one of the largest rail clusters in Europe... the success of UK rail will owe much to the successful nurturing of these clusters.

Rail Sector Deal 2018