Great British Railways - A once in a generation opportunity

Derby endorses the Government’s ambition for ‘once in a generation’ reforms to end the fragmentation of the rail industry and drive benefits and improvements across the network for passengers and freight customers.

And we all, of course, want Great British Railways to be successful in leading this agenda and achieving its key objectives:

  • More punctual trains, competitively priced rail travel and clean and safe carriages and stations
  • A culture truly focused on meeting customers’ needs
  • A more diverse and inclusive workforce to the rail sector, including recruitment from sectors beyond rail
  • Decarbonisation of the network
  • Greater value for money for both fare and taxpayers

Many of these objectives will be best met, of course, through closer working with the private sector.

We believe that, by basing itself in Derby, Great British Railways will give itself the best possible opportunity to do just that.

Timeline for the GBR competition:

  1. We submitted our Expression of Interest for review on 16 March 2022
  2. We expect the shortlisted cities to be announced in early June 2022
  3. Ministerial visits are set to take place in shortlisted cities, alongside a public vote
  4. Headquarters’ location announced Summer 2022